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Lake Taupo

Posted on Feb 21, 2019 by in English, Poems | 0 comments

Long time go volcano destroy taupo land make a love love lovely lake ,It is wonderful World love love lovely world.

Love love lovely so beautiful world . It is mind blowing natural taupo lake wonderful world .

Taupo lake One side Nice and green big and small hill , Other side snow ice so beautiful Hill , Unbelievable natural lake taupo lake .

When I am going to down hill close to water, Bright my eyes, nice and clean water,

So beautiful blue sky one side sun other side moon dancing and playing with water waves floating up down .

I am have full mouth water blowing sun , Sun give a to amazing colourful Rainbow,

It is amazing, It is wonderful time.

It is Nice and green natural top of hill scenery dancing and play with water waves floating up down amazing view ,

Oh my god my face leave me alone , gone to dancing and play with water waves floating up down unbelievable happiness,

Heaps Of so little fish “top top” blowing air so small small top of waves Like a “jingle jingle” raining drops in the lake every where.

Hey go other side see boats , See plane, see helicopter , heaps of cultural restaurants ,

It is wonderful day, amazing paradise, It is taupo lake.

Come see this lake make you day