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Lake Tutira

Posted on Dec 8, 2018 by in English, Poems | 0 comments

Long time i am looking for my dream world .
I can’t see anywhere, Must be somewhere i
don’t know .
I am going to long drive, hizzy busy road ,I’m
so tired .
Hey go i am found world famous my dream world
she is this Lake Tutira.
In site the New zealand, middle of those mountains
Village , so nice and green heaps of varieties
trees and green weeds, It is natural, Bright and
shiny , such a wonderful heaven this is Lake Tutira.
Top of nice and clear blue sky make a roof.
Everywhere nice and green, varieties of colourful
birds on the trees singing a song and some colourful
ducks swimming and playing make a happiness middle of Lake .
My site so quiet ,so i am laughing with her drop one
stone she give a to so lovely smile .
Lovely lake water mix with sky blue colour it
is colourful world .
When i am see colourful dream world, i am forgot
my past, i am forgot my bad time, i am feeling like
nice and shine my eyes.
So bright, so cool my heart, and so cool my day,
She is unbelievable colourful world.
She is my dream world ,she is Lake Tutira.