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The Sun

Posted on Sep 12, 2018 by in English, Poems | 0 comments

Fire fire fire my name is fire .
Fire fire fire I am come from
Hell , that way my name is hell
Fire fire fire I am so beautiful
7 colour colourful and I am very
Dangerous everybody scared me,
Ghost or human being Or wood ,
Tree everything I can burn to
Make ass .
I am not criminals no body my
Friends , you can control me, you
can do anything , but don’t do
mistake or don’t forget to keep and
eyes , if i can get a chance burn you .
I am love burning everything
make a ass , I do love burning my
self .
I am round fire oven stay on the
top of the sky ,
I am give a to light and so tiny temperature
make a bright world, help with
water growing flower garden colourful
scenery I am help people ,
I am hell fire, I am sun, I am very in
portent for world.