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Te Mata Peak

Posted on Sep 12, 2018 by in English, Poems | 1 comment

I wish one day I will reach the end of the mountain and touch the sky.

That day the sight of the mountain touching the sky .

This is Te Mata peak she can reach the sky.

I can go up on the mountain I can touch sky,

When I climb up slowly slowly , I reach the top of the mountain ,I can feel the mountain air it is cool and fresh at all times, it is amazing view .

Top up The sky , the sun, and all the stars and the moon make a roof this is te mata paradise.

I am grabbing the moon and heaps of stars , to put on my sweet hearts forehead and to sprinkle on top of her black hair ,

wind blows wisps of black hair, she is looking amazing, This is my sweet heart , my mind blowing angel .

I can only see the sky so blue .

I see the sun a warming yellow amongst the blue colour of the sky .

I look down it is such a beautiful view, such a beautiful world ,one site it is wonderful City .

My house is only one so beautiful house my paradise home,

One site ocean, mountains and the hills around it.

The other site green natural forests that grow in the mountains and amazing white water flows through a twinkling River.

she is so nice and shine like my sweet heart ,i never feel like leave a alone my sweet heart.

so i don’t like to leave so cool paradisc , Te Mata Peak.

This is te mata paradise peak.

1 Comment

  1. Nice design of website also. Wish you the best shamim biaya