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Posted on Sep 12, 2018 by in English, Poems | 0 comments

Spider we are 33 thousand nationality
all of the world.
We are spider all of the world born
jungle, garden and home live in.
We are hard worker oneday make two
We love to make big net own house.
We have heaps of lake and hand .
We can jump we can run, work .
Our back site one hold in site we have
sticky cotton lateeam,
this cotton 35meter long.
This cotton we can throwing wind 100
kilometer spirit.
wind blowup top of the hill.
We climbing go to top of the hill meke
own house.
we are enjoy natural amazing world.
When we see any food we throw sticky
cotton them we have food.
When we have egg we rape up nice and
tidy, warm up egg and protect from other
animals .