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Posted on Sep 12, 2018 by in English, Poems | 1 comment

Today is spring morning , so beautiful morning to day .
My home back yard so beautiful sun rise, so sweet morning sun shine.
My so little sweet had , my so little mummy,
Gone to play home back yard ice water wet flower garden .
She loving morning fresh air and colourful flower smell,
Play with beautiful butterfly and rabbit .
Fresh air, Colourful flower smell and butterfly rabbit
Give a to her good morning making her dream world. .
My sweet had asked for butterfly and rabbit do fibber to
her, she can making her Dream world .
Colourful flower smell, colourful butterfly fly magic,
rabbit jumpin, jumpin secret hiding play .
Welcome spring , well come spring ,love love love lovely
Spring .
This is my sweet had so little mummy spring dream world

1 Comment

  1. Nice