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Happy New Year

Posted on Sep 12, 2018 by in English, Poems | 0 comments

Past is past , past is our live history book .
If you and me can remember our past , you and
me can’t laugh Or crying like the last time no body can ,
This is our natural life, thinking about the
Future , learn to know enjoy real world .
Now we are everybody together, sing a song
and dancing, happy to give a good bye to the Old
year , This year .
And we hope god gives to us so beautiful a day,
time to time happiness , happy new Year,
It is summer time so beautiful, new year eve,
Come on we are together, sing a song and
dancing , See see pacific ocean water dancing with us,
See see pacific ocean waves up down enjoy
with us,
Not too long waiting for happy new year, hey go
all ready past 12 pm, welcome To happy new year ,
Happy new year , welcome to happy new year .
God give us a nice and bright future.