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Posted on Sep 11, 2018 by in English, Poems | 0 comments

So beautiful a city , It is nice and peaceful visitor city napier city .

Napier see beach opposite side such a nice and shiny place,

She is Nice and shiny, yes she is beauty , she is bright on my eyes.

My bright eyes, top of hill beautiful green plants hizzy busy tangled

Waterflows in a blanket from waterfall In the water pond,

She is such a beauty, a mind blowing paradise .

She is so quiet, only water flows in a blanket so sweet shur shur sounds,

Like a bangle jingle jangle music sounds, it is waterfall, wonderful world ,

Wonderful waterfall close to everywhere heaps of varieties of colourful


Heaps of colourful butterfly fly in everywhere , Heaps of grasshopper

Jumping, jumping in one two other grass leaves like a deer .

oh my god, Come from fresh air, Pacific ocean, swim on water bubble

sit onnice green grass leaves front of the pond .

she is so pretty ,It is wonderful day,

She is such a beauty, come on and see her , Wash hands then love love so

light to touch

Yes she is so lovely and is such a beauty.